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Dr. Glasser Testimonial

Dear Members of the William Glasser Institute and long time friends,

Loyola Marymount University has begun an endowment fund for the preservation of Dr. William Glasser’s ideas and to create a living legacy for and with him. The Loyola Marymount psychology department researchers and the grant writer have requested that I write to you.

Please send me a statement or testimonial describing the impact on your life and or your career from Dr. Glasser and especially from Choice Theory (Reality Therapy, Lead Management, Quality Schools, Personal life Development). If you would be willing to write a paragraph or a page please use the attached form to write or type your thoughts. You are welcome to e-mail, fax or mail your reply to me on the form provided.

Feel free to forward this letter to other people who may want to contribute a testimonial. I send good wishes.

Thank you very much

Brandi Roth